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Currently accepting enrollment for ages 2 years and older. Special rates for multiple children from same family.

The Ft Thomas center has been awarded a two (2) star rating from the Ky Stars For Kids Program.
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Welcome to The Children’s Garden – A loving, traditional environment that is sensitive to the individual child’s abilities, readiness, and potential.

Much of a child’s development occurs during his/her pre-school years. We foster this development by providing individual attention in an atmosphere designed for children. By providing love and encouragement, we build the child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. We foster independent thinking, self-sufficiency, artistic expression, and social, intellectual and physical development in a structured framework. We encourage respect for self and respect for others. 
We expect that as the children grow they will develop in consideration and courtesy to others."
We are constantly growing and tailoring our programs to meet the individual needs of the children in our care. We take great pride in providing personalized care for each child.  
We make sure the children are comfortable in their environment so they can be free to learn and grow in the safe, caring atmosphere of The Children’s Garden. For information regarding tuition, hours of operation, and ages accepted, please access preferred location information on the Location Information page.

Special Activity Days in September

Sept 1
Labor Day

Sept 9
Teddy Bear Dday

Sept 19
International.Talk.Like.a Pirate Day

Sept 23
First day of Fall

Sept 25
Johnny.Appleseed Birthday


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